Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

An Overview Of Applicable Large Employer (ALE)

If you are the owner of any organization and you have 50+ full-time workers in your company, you are considered an Applicable Large Employer. According to the ACA (Affordable Care Act), if you are an Applicable Large Employer, you have to give your employees health insurance.

What is the concept of being an Applicable Large Employer or not?

First and for most, to be an Applicable Large Employer, one must have 50+ full-time workers in their organization.   

But then the question arises, who are really Full-Time Employees?

The workers who spend at least 30 and more hours every week or who work 130+ hours in a month are considered as Full-Time Equivalent Employees.

As each company has part-time workers too, so, to get the number of full-time equivalent workers, you have to mix all the working hours of part-time workers for a month and then divide it by 120.

Later you can join the results to your number of full-time workers for getting the whole count of Full-Time Equivalent Employees of any particular month.

Each month add the FTE from the regular full-time workers/ employees and part-time workers together for getting the exact count of Full-Time Equivalent Workers.

To get a familiar Full-Time Equivalent Workers for one year, make sure you calculate the total FTE count for every month and divide it by 12.

If your Full-time Equivalent Employees whole number is 50 or higher than that, you are considered as an Applicable Large Employer.

Different Companies- Group of Owners or Different Companies- Single Owner?

Sometimes, to evade being an Applicable Large Employer, many owners divide their huge organisations into separate entities; still, these businesses are combined, and if the whole employee’s count is 50 or more than 50, it concludes that the owner is an Applicable Large Employer.

For instance, sometimes, an organization is controlled by a group of people who recognized a controlled group. And these people also owned different rates of different companies to evade being an Applicable Large Employer.

Rather than individually count the workers, the group of owners of that organization combined together to decide whether they are an Applicable Large Employer or no.

Adding seasonal employees as Full Time Equivalent Employee

Each organization hires few seasonal employees for specific months in a year. These workers invest several hours of service to your organization.

Companies can exclude or include seasonal employees according to the requirements. They can eliminate them only if they have higher than 50 full-time equivalent workers for 120 days in their organization.

Yet, there is an exclusion for seasonal workers that can decrease your Full-Time Equivalent Employee number average.


It is necessary to count the whole of the employees in your organization that you have from 1 year to the next.

You will require doing this calculation each month of the year to decide whether you are an Applicable Large Employer or not ALE. And if the review is 50 or more than that, you are recognized as an Applicable Large Employer.

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