Media kits: What are they and what should theyto include?


Media kits (or press kits) contain valuable information about your brand that journalists and media outlets can use to write their stories. They can be given as a stand-alone item at a launch but most often accompany a media release to provide further facts, stats and background to the story, the brand and the spokesperson. and reach out for interviews. They are mainly used at events and product launches as a package of information, resources and marketing materials that journalists can use.


The public relations team at Adoni Media hasve all the information you need.


What should your media kit contain?


Media kits are often sent out with story pitches to journalists but can also be found on a brand’s website for easy access. The contents of a media kit will vary for each brand however, there are a few basic materials that should be included. These are:



  • Contact details: a media or PR contact is essential, so that journalists can reach out for interviews or other images and materials they need to produce a story. 




  • Information and facts about the brand: you should include a succinct bio of your brand along with other interesting information a journalist could use. Testimonials are also good to include along with any recent positive news coverage.




  • A media release: whether it be an event or new product launch, a media release can clearly outline all the necessary details for a journalist to use to produce a story. It will also include quotes from key spokespeople that are available for interview. Alternatively, you may want to provide a media alert to call journalists to your event or launch for interview and media opportunities.




  • ImagesVisual assets: media kits are commonly digital, so it’ is easy to provide journalists with high-res images and videos to make their job easier. You should also include any brand logos and head shots of spokespeople.



How should you send out your media kit?


Before sending your media kit, spend time researching media outlets and journalists to find ones that are most likely to cover your story. This will be more successful than reaching out to all media at once. Personalising your reach out with emails and phone calls can help you make a connection with the journalist you are trying to reach. Once you have created relationships with journalists, they can reach out to you for any stories they need. 

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Why you should Hire a Specialist to Handle your Car Accident claim 

Upset driver After Traffic Accident

Car accidents could take a severe toll on you physically, emotionally, and financially. You may find it difficult to recover from the expenses incurred on the medication and treatment of the injuries suffered in a car accident. However, with a Fort Wayne car accident attorney by your side, you have a higher chance of acquiring a deserved compensation from the negligent party. 

The car accident attorney would help you file a claim against the negligent party. Usually, the negligent party would look to settle the claim during negotiations. It would be out of court settlement where the negligent party and the insurance company lawyers would make an offer to settle the claim. The question to ponder here is whether you were aware of the precise amount incurred on the medical treatment along with the future medical expenses to be incurred on your treatment. 

A specialist attorney would be able to determine the precise amount using the facts about your income, home expenses, medical treatment incurred on the injury, cost of medication and treatment to be incurred in the future, wages lost in the past and the future, and the pain and the suffering undergone. 

The attorney would not settle the claim on a low ball offer. He would ensure that you get a deserved compensation covering the present and future expenses, medical treatment, and the fee of the attorney. It would be pertinent that you should consider hiring a specialist for handling your claim in the best possible way. 

The attorney would be able to handle your needs in the best possible manner without burning a significant hole in your pocket. The cost of hiring an attorney should not be a hamper, as you could find a contingency attorney to handle your claim. The contingency attorney would ensure to work in your best interests. 

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Hire a Contingency Attorney rather than Investing in a Cheap Lawyer 


With the best attorney at your behest, you may have higher chances of winning the case. However, not all would be willing to hire the services of H1 Law Group for their specific case handling needs. The major reason would be the fee structure of the attorney. It would be imperative that you should not determine the cost of hiring an attorney as the sole criterion. It may be an essential aspect to consider, but should not be made the sole criterion for hiring the services of an attorney. Chances are higher than most people would look for a cheap attorney for handling their services. 

Several repercussions may hamper your case when choosing a cheap attorney for your case handling needs. You may save a dime, but they may not guarantee a favorable outcome of the case. Is it worth the risk? Are you comfortable with a cheap attorney hampering your chances of gaining a favorable outcome to the case? It would be in your best interest to look for an attorney looking forward to handling your case in the best possible way. The attorney should not charge exorbitantly for his services. Rest assured that the experience, expertise, and records of accomplishment would determine the fee of the attorney. They may not negotiate on the fee structure, as it determines the number of years the attorney has given to maintain his status. 

In such a scenario, you should consider looking for a contingency attorney. A contingency attorney would handle your case without charging anything upfront. A contingency attorney would work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. It would be a boon for the people having trouble paying an exorbitant fee to an attorney. Yet another benefit of hiring a contingency attorney would be not paying the attorney if he fails to win the case for you. It would be a win-win situation for you. 

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HCB’s 40th Anniversary In July



HCB Live, the leading dangerous and hazardous goods shipping and transportation industry online resource is celebrating its 40th Anniversary July, 2020. With a wide range of industry specific topics to choose from, HCB has been a source of information for the growing hazardous goods transportation industry since it was first published in 1980.

A Catalyst For Change Throughout The Industry

Our team of writers, researchers and field reporters is comprised of experts in the field of dangerous goods transport and storage. We understand industry regulations and keep our readers up to date and informed about any current or upcoming changes to those regulations to ensure compliance, safety, and regulatory reform. For 40 years it has been our duty to chronicle the industry and we have been a catalyst for change throughout the industry and around the world.

What We Do

With such a wide range of industry coverage, you might be wondering just exactly what we do here at HCB Live. We cover the transport of a wide range of dangerous goods, including liquid chemicals, liquefied gases, explosives, and radioactive materials. And by transport, we mean all modes of transport including road, rail, maritime (bulk and packaged), inland waterway, and air. Our international coverage spans the globe, North America, Western Europe, the Far East, South-East Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Accurate Reporting Of Relevant Topics

As we enter our fourth decade of covering regulatory developments and bringing our readers the latest news of products and services designed to make their operations safer or more efficient, we have renewed our commitment to serving the industry with professionalism and thorough and accurate reporting of the topics that are relevant to our readers.

With a dedicated team of full-time writers based in the US and Poland, and our network of part-time contributors in Singapore, India, Brazil, Zambia, and elsewhere, you can always be assured of getting the latest, most up to date industry news and information as it happens anywhere in the world.

Join us as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary, and as we welcome 40 more years of serving the industry’s needs.

Contact HCB Live

To learn more reasons why packaging of chemical products is important, contact HCB Live and speak with a regulatory expert who can answer any questions you might have.

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3 main advantages of online trading courses: read to find out


Hey, are you looking to know how to trade in foreign exchange, share, and make investments for the assets in different markets. Well, if this your concern, then you must have an online trading course to clear your basics and get to know the correct method of trading. Today we will be sharing some aspects which make such courses a better way to learn to trade in brief. However, the beneficial part of joining the course is that you also get to learn about paper trading. 

Clear the basic

Before a person gets to trading, they must have a clear concept about the basics; however, the online trading course is the best option for that. The course will teach the individual about all the aspects related to the basics of trading in forex, equities, and commodities. All of these three are different market options in which the trader’s trade according to their preference.

 There are basically two types of trading, which are preferred by the traders intraday and passive trading. In intraday trading, the trader has to make decisions quickly for shares because the prices keep on changing. On the other hand, in passive trading, a trader can keep the share in their Demat account for some time. Both of these modes of trading can be a good option to make a consistent source of income. 

  • Learn trading in different market conditions
  • Learn to develop strategies
  • Online classes and doubt sessions
  • The paper trading concepts

Advance training for forex

The forex trading is comparatively different from the stocks because, in this mode of trading, an individual has to trade in the currency market. The trade-in forex is tough as well, but one who prefers getting trained by the online trading course gets to relevant the task. The reason is the course providers trains their students in demo trading in which the individual has to trade. Demo trading is a kind of teaching concept in which there are no needs for any Demat and trading account. Moreover, once a person gets to finish their training, some course providers even give them discount offerings over the registration with the stockbroker, which is a great part. 

Trading in equities

Trading in equities should be done with proper analysis of a company’s performance and the percentage of returns it has given to the shareholders. Most of the people find it hard because they do not know how to do the technical analysis. But considering the online course for trading, an individual can know all these things. On the other hand, leverage is something that is given by the share broker to the traders during the time of intraday trading. However, before using the leverage, one should know how to build the strategy after all leverage is kind of a loan issued by the broker. These kinds of elements make the online course for trading a better option to consider. To learn all these things with convenience and in brief. You can explore Plus500’s demo account. How much does Plus500 charge? The demo account is free.

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Effective ways to select Insurance Agents near Me


Whenever you start buying an insurance policy, then you start buying it, then there is a fear in your mind that how do you keep filling up some time, but when an incident happens to you, the company does not give you a claim. You think this is also fair because you have to invest here, and along with this, many companies have come to take money from you, but do not get the claim provided when needed. In such a situation, you need to know some tips that you can apply, and if you choose any insurance packages, you can never be cheated. In other words, after applying those steps, you can easily trust any website and application based on insurance. 

Many companies provide you with service-related to Insurance Agents near Me because there are many agents under it who come to your home and place to tell you about the entire service. Along with this, you can document the insurance sitting at home without going anywhere. Before hiring this type of service, you have to register online, after which you have to wait for some time, and the agent arrives at your house. 

All about choosing steps- 

You must have known from the above information that we are going to tell you some steps that will help you identify which insurance company is original and which is fake. You will also be able to choose a better insurance policy at a lower rate. If you want to know about that information, then read it carefully because it will prove beneficial for you so that you cannot become a victim of any fraud.  

  • Before taking an insurance company policy, you must know about the market reputations of that insurance company. It is tough to know the reputation of any insurance company. Still, you can do this job online because nowadays many websites have come, which provide you the facility of review and rating of any insurance company. With the help of reviews, you will know about the Opinion of the real user and how the experience has been. In the same way, you will know the numbers given by the individuals through the rating that they have to know the company’s reputation from one to 5 stars. Whenever you start hiring any policy, it must be positive to see every review, and at the same time, the rating should be based on five stars.
  • Whenever doing insurance, the terms and conditions being provided by the company under the policy must be read as these are the most crucial part of your policy. Under this, some limitations are imposed on you, and the company keeps conditions, so you will not get a claim if you do not follow. In such situations,  Insurance Agents Near Me based service is beneficial because the agent here comes to your home and gives you knowledge about the terms and conditions and gives you the right guidance. 

In this way, from all the points given above, you must have known that whenever you start hiring an insurance service, you must keep these things in mind and what kind of benefits you will get.

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Resume template- facts that you should know before creating Resume

no thumb

A resume is a great tool that tells about your skills and power to a prospective employer. It is important that your resume must be small with various details regarding applying post. In recent times you can prepare the resume with the help of the Resume Template. It is an editable sample that has lots of sections, layouts, and blocks for our information. You can quickly edit it without any difficulty and make your one resume.

The world is full of competition, and everyone wants a high paid job. But it is not a one day task we should invest some time in it. For one post, thousands of applicants are applying, and it is hard to find out the right one. Your skills and potential clear the picture, and according to your education, you will get a suitable job.  

What is the format of the template?

The template tool is helpful to create a resume, and basically, it has the right format for information and describes everything that you want to display. We can also customize our own format, but it takes much time because we need to add multiple columns, margins, graphics, and more. In templates, the person no need to be perfect in writing just change some sections and send it to the desired job profile. Always get the best resume templates for your resume and changes them according to your details.

How to make a resume with a template?

Now making a resume is not a hard task for anyone because enormous templates are present for us. Start with a basic sample, and after that, you can go for a professional. The internet has several options for it, and you download it open on MS office. Some are not supported for it, so we need to make some changes.

The template contains lots of signs and watermarks, so you have to remove them. Add some new data and sections for an impressive layout. Try not to change the format of the template and fill all the necessary information. Focus on experience rather than educational records because the employer needs proper skills only.  Write about your objectives and after those academic records. Avoid bold more words otherwise it spoils the beauty of resume.

Advantages of template

Templates have a manageable format that gives us the right space for writing. It is directly related to our job profile, and we can pick the right one. We can also copy and paste the format on a new file rather than download it.  Decrease your complications while you are making the resume. Everything is perfectly built-in, and the person can add more layouts. In recent times a video resume is trending one, but it is only for creative jobs.

Online free resume templates save our precious time and give amazing styles. Most of the website provides us fine user interface to create the Resume. In which you only fill some text box and download your resume. Applicants need to update all the information regularly at their Resume.

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A Personal Tone Of Warmth With Clear Business Cards Exchange


There are many reasons to get a business card for your business and to help it grow. One such reason is to give a personal touch to the customers. Whenever you are handing out a business card to anyone you want to touch with, clients will merely get contact details. There are a lot of handshakes, which will end up with the exchange of business cards. The parties then part ways by saying thank you and then greeting one another. They might even have a great time while talking, which helps them to connect well. They get to share their contact details with one another through cards and in a rather friendly manner. This warmth will eventually help in crafting a relationship with the client, which will last forever.

Quality of cards:

Before you proceed further and print hundreds of business cards, remember to focus on the quality as it matters a lot. Even though the personal warmth while sharing cards will always remain a priority, but the design and quality material of the clear business cards will remind the clients of the level of professionalism you have. Some prominent business people often state the use of metal as material for creating the cards. These metallic business cards will prove to be a great investment plan, mainly if you are planning to meet new people. There are the best chances of getting people attracted to your side. 

Order for the cards online:

There is no need to hop from one printing store to another for the sake of getting hands-on business card printing. Now you can get to cover all the services online, which will again work out pretty well for you. You can enjoy the services of business cards online, which are perfect for saving you a great deal of time, and end up with perfect finish all the time.

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Hire the most reliable conditioning appliance for your office


As we all know that, now it’s time begins where the sunshine comes in our eyes directly through the window of our office. Often it results in bad skin, disturbance in working, and also affects the efficiency or workers. Staff cannot do work properly if they are not sitting in a comfortable atmosphere. They cannot concentrate on their work when they get the best facility at their office air. It can be related to the cool water- air conditions and the other appliance of chilling. So, fulfill these needs of the employee’s owner can get the Rental Chillersespecially for their office use. 

Yes, we know it costs too much, and sometimes not all businesses can afford too much expense. For those classes of companies, here is the best option for them to have these chillers on rent and provide the coolest services in their office area. People can also use it for a limited time. So in summers, you can have it on rent, and when the winter begins, you can give it back to the dealer from which you have the facility. It consumes your time as well as your money. One can use these appliances at the time of need, and after that, they can save money by returning it. 

Install permanently at your workplace 

Air conditioning chillers are the thing and the most needed appliance you need in your office or the place where you work and spend your whole day. If you want to fix it permanently, then you can go for the portable Rental Chillers. One can go for it and do the deal for a long time from the company, it is simplest and the easiest way to keep your surface fresh and chilled. You can also get the different kinds of chillers on rent according to your need. Here you can read about the different variants-

–         Portable air chillers

Many businesses and firms normally use these units of portable rental coolers for their work area. The reason is that it is less expensive and the rent is also less of these conditions. The appliance does not take any extra maintenance charges. There are various varieties of the air-conditioning chillers available in the market. You can choose the one according to your choice.  

–         Rental fans

Fans are also included in the services of Rental Chillers; individuals who have small businesses like shops are used these kinds of appliances for their convenience. As they cannot afford the big one and more than that, they do not have any need for those large portable refrigerants. So, the tool is best for these kinds of businesses.

–         Evaporate appliances 

The evaporative chilling appliance is mostly used, which throws the air with the help of a water tank. These coolers are most effective in chilling the area in a few minutes. Enormous numbers of people are using the device at their home as well as their office space.

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Contact Details Through Clear Business Cards – Know It All


For general customers and clients, proper business cards will act like a window, which will help them to peep into the company’s possible services or products. Some facts will help to prove this point further. As per some recent studies made, around 72% of the people form a proper opinion about a firm. It depends on their clear business cards and their quality. So, it remains quite evident that the business card that you have chosen can easily break or make the business well. You might end up losing customers if the chosen card fails to have a perfect business card size. If it is too thin or the design is insignificant, you will end up losing potential customers.

Easy way to present contact details:

One major reason for business cards to be still prevalent is that these cards can help deliver contact details with ease. Clients are always looking for ways to keep in contact with a company. So, all your perfect contact details like a phone number or email address will be there on business cards online. The receiver can easily take the card from you and out in an office drawer or wallet. So, these cards will always turn out to be quite handy to find contact details of any particular company.

So for the digital devices:

Some of the major digital devices of the modern century, like Android and iPhones, can also send information on another phone. But, it will only happen when the other device falls within the compatible range. Not all of your customers will have the same compatible phones with them. So, these business cards will work out as essential tools for all businesses here. The more customers get to know about your company, the better the business point you can create. There are multiple business cards waiting for you to try. 

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