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Discrimination at the workplace shouldn’t happen and is prohibited by federal and state laws, and yet, a huge number of cases are reported. More cases are reported in Texas than many other states. If you believe that you have suffered at discrimination at work, or your employer has retaliated because you filed a complaint, you should consider filing a lawsuit. Of course, this is easier said than done, even when the laws are meant to favor the victim. Talking to an experienced San Antonio employment discrimination lawyer can be a wise step. If you are looking for a lawyer, here are some tips to consider. 

  1. Look for board-certified lawyers. There are many lawyers who have been board-certified in Labor and Employment law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This just ensures that a lawyer is experienced in a particular area. Just because someone helped you in closing a real estate deal or making your will, it doesn’t mean that will know the ins and outs of employment laws. You need a lawyer who is experienced and board-certified. In Texas, only a handful, about 10%, of practicing lawyers are board certified, which says a lot about their experience. 
  2. Check their track record. Not all employment attorneys work for employees alone. Some may choose to work with employers and companies too. An attorney who specializes in employment laws and has been working for employees is your best bet. He can understand your situation and offer correct advice on whether your discrimination lawsuit is worth pursuing. Check if the employment attorney has worked against big companies and what has been their best cases so far. 
  3. Ask about fee and clients. Unlike personal injury attorneys, who typically take a part of the compensation as their fee, employment attorneys usually charge an hourly fee or work on a retainer basis. This is because employment discrimination cases don’t always have a big payout. Talk to your employment attorney in depth about how they will charge you and other costs, such as court expenses, which are likely. Also, as a new client, you have every right to ask about their clients and get a few references. 

Working with the employment discrimination lawyer in Texas can help you get justice. No matter whether you have been sexually harassed or terminated for the wrong reasons, you know that you will get justice that you deserve. Check online now for top law firms for employment discrimination cases in San Antonio now!


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