Common HOA Violations in Phoenix

When you live in a community with various other people and families, you must abide by the rules and regulations to maintain its value. When members do not follow the community’s policies, it can lead to disputes and disagreements, affecting the community as a whole. 

The HOA board is usually responsible for ensuring that each homeowner gets a copy of governing documents, also known as the CC&Rs. These documents define what citizens can and cannot do inside the community. Often HOA boards hire Phoenix HOA management companies because it can become challenging to maintain a mid-sized or a large community. 

Below are some common HOA rules that often get violated. 

Common HOA Violations 


Often people blast music or create other kinds of noises that bother their neighbors, especially at night. Most HOA’s have specific timings to restrict noise. For example, your community may not allow loud noise between 11 pm to 7 am. Noise restrictions are often set by your city as well. 


HOA board members need to maintain the aesthetic look of their community. Therefore, there may be specific rules about what you can or cannot do with your lawn. For example, if you like your lawn grass to be a little taller, you would have cut it. In some communities, certain plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees are also not allowed. 


Like landscaping, your community may not allow specific designs and colors for your fence to maintain the aesthetic appeal. Be sure to confirm with the board before deciding on a new fence. However, in some areas, these rules are enforced to protect the community. For example, in storm-prone regions, some types of fences can cause harm to people. Therefore, it is better to pick a safer alternative.

Vehicles and parking

You may not be allowed to park more than a specific number of vehicles. This may vary in different communities. Also, there may be restrictions about what kind of motor vehicle you can operate inside the community. Additional rules about speed limits and parking may apply. 

Holiday decorations

Your community may have rules about the size of your decorative items and how long you can keep them up. For example, if you like to go crazy with your Halloween decorations, you may not want to live in an HOA. 


Not everyone is a pet lover. Although most associations do not ban pets, there may be restrictions about which pet you can keep and how many. There also may be rules about where they can and cannot walk for the safety of other residents.