Have you suffered sexual harassment at work? Talk to a lawyer!

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Unfortunate in 2021, but sexual harassment at the workplace is quite common in NY and most other states. Sometimes, people don’t realize that they have crossed a line, especially when passing a lewd comment. Of course, there are also standard tropes of sexual harassment, like asking for sexual favors, sharing pornographic materials, or touching in an inappropriate manner. Many victims do not file a complaint, often fearing the possible consequences. Employers cannot retaliate against an employee who has filed a sexual harassment case, but in the real word, things don’t plan out like that. Talking to an experienced lawyer can help you understand your complaint better. There are many awesome Queens sexual harassment lawyers, who have a provable track record in helping employees. 

What amounts to sexual harassment?

It is a common misconception that sexual harassment has to be just about inappropriate touching or asking for sexual favors. Those are classic tropes for sure, but even passing lewd comments or sharing pornographic pictures and material can be considered sexual harassment. Check for other signs like use of sexist language, uncomfortable comments, or asking invasive questions. Whether or not you have a case of sexual harassment is best determined by an attorney. Your attorney has the experience to understand if a sexual harassment case will hold, and they will guide you through the process. 

When to file a sexual harassment lawsuit?

If you filed a complaint and your employer failed to act, you may consider filing a civil lawsuit. Your lawyer will investigate further to build the case, and if you have been removed from the job as retaliation against your complaint, your lawyer will fight for your reinstatement. As required, you may even ask for compensation that will cover for your lost wages and other job-related benefits, court costs, and fee of your attorney. Depending on the facts of the case, your sexual harassment case can be settled outside of court, and your lawyer has a big role in that. 

Finding an attorney in Queens

There are many law firms in Queens that take up sexual harassment cases, but before you hire one, check the experience and ensure that they have handled cases similar to yours. Don’t shy away from asking questions and share all the details, so that you can get unbiased advice. Ask the attorney about the court costs and their fees, which will eventually add to your expenses. 


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