Preparation for maid interview

To hire a 菲傭, you will need to prepare for the same. When preparing for an interview, employers develop their questions for interview based on individual expectations and needs. If you are not sure where to start from, you can check online regarding what others used.  From there, you can get an inspiration of what to ask for employing a foreign domestic employee. 

You also have to know why you opt for a foreign domestic helper instead of a local one.  Do you think that they are better with kids and take care of your kids while you are at work? Or is it pressure from others who tell you that they are the best and it will make you have more free time. Or do you think you don’t have enough time with your freelance job or for what other reason?

After that, you will require to compile a list of questions. You have to consider which type of questions you are going to use to guide you in making a decision that is well informed based on assessing the maid’s personality or skills. 

Other preparations include:

Interview location 

You have to plan in advance regarding your interview and where you are going to meet. Choose somewhere you will be comfortable so that you fully concentrate on your interview. If you decide that you want to meet the candidate in a public place, it has to be a quiet place where there will be no disturbance by anything or be asked to leave after sitting there for only one hour, and you are not yet through with the interview. If you are conducting the interview via video call or phone, ensure your connection is good and that your children or boss will not interrupt.

Timetable for interview

In most cases, most domestic helpers tend to be available over the weekends during their rest days.  You might be tempted to interview as many candidates as you can in a single day. If that is the case, then you have to give them enough time for each to express themselves as much as they can.  When you rush, it might mean that there is information that you might leave out. 

Try to interview not only one candidate to make a comparison. You have to do more and don’t make an instant or rush decision. At the same time, if the domestic helper is good, the chances are that, by the time you make your decision on them, someone else might have already taken them. So you have to strike a balance – not to be in a rush and also not to take too long to make a decision. 

Have a checklist

If your interview has so many candidates on the list, it might be useful to come up with your checklist of the questions you will ask each of them. With that, you will be able to capture essential details during your interview. You will also be able to come up with a summary that you will then use to come up with your final decision.