Singapore: an ideal location for business

Singapore is abounding with natural scenic beauty. The tourists, who visit this place with an aim of spending a few beautiful days on this piece of land, make up their mind to settle here permanently. The Singaporean government presents vast and vivid business opportunities to ambitious businessmen and attracts them to initiate the start-ups to create better opportunities for others which will boost the economy of the nation. The terms and conditions to initiate a business here is not an uphill task. In fact, there are many consultant agencies, which are working to provide you incessant support and coordination to live your dream. It is really an advantageous situation to chose Singapore as ideal business location because you can easily get your company certified by the assigned authorities due to their flexible laws to work upon. It is the place which has potential to present lucrative offers to the international community leading to vast expansion of the trade generating high growth rate.

  • Ideal location: Singapore has a convenient location which is situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, from where you access billions of people at a time. This helps your business to expand and create brand value in the national as well as international market.
  • Quick Resources available to the foreigners: it is quite convenient for the foreigners to complete the legal documentation of the company in a couple of days. Once you get the permit to establish a company on the land of Singapore then everything is easily accessible. The opening of a corporate bank account, certification of the company, appointing nominee director and incorporation of the company.
  • Effective personal and corporate tax rates: Singapore has a unique taxation system which is considered to be very low and effective personal and corporate taxation rates. It maintains one of the lowest GST rates in the world which attracts many new entrepreneurs to get connected to this place seeking for considerable opportunities to prosper.
  • Politically stable: The most beneficial aspect of the growth of the economy of the nation is its politically stable government. The politically stable nation does not bring amendments in its law quickly because that disturbs the working pattern of the entire legal system. They make business friendly policies to fascinate more and more foreigners to establish their business here. Therefore, Singapore becomes the gateway to other parts of ASEAN countries.
  • Support of the Singaporean government: The constant support of the government helps the foreign to incorporate his company in a day or two in comparison to other countries where establishing a new business is not an easy task. There are many facilities for skilled and semiskilled people to generate the sources of income with their unique talent of creating new and original. Here, the businessmen have the permission to involve his unique ideas to take business to new heights.

The companies which have less than 50 shareholders but more than 20 shareholders and have no corporation showing any interest in the company’s shares are Private Company. The government exempt Private Company from the payment of the tax for the next few years which help the companies to grow and flourish with great agility and efficiency.