Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

How Do Audio and Video Transcription Services Work? | by Cogito Tech LLC | Cogito | Medium

Converting of audio or video into text on your own can be laborious and stressful. There are some professionals or academic content writers who may require regular transcription. Doing it on your own can drain your time and energy. This digital era offers you to access range of transcription services to ensure that you don’t want to do such things on your own. It is now possible to reach customers faster. 

There is a wide range of these human and automated services. So, it becomes a bit complicated to choose the right online transcription services. It is important to know your needs, capabilities and limitation avail these services. There are many factors that need to be considered while choosing services some them are listed below.

Know your needs

There is nothing right or wrong, it’s just about which services fulfill or suit your needs. Some people consider budget as priorities and they may put time to correct inaccuracies by their own. Some people demand for the accuracy, any accuracy can damage their thesis and cost to their enterprise. These services are increasing at a widespread in the market.  Use of these services at first can be much daunting but can help you to provide best services. You just need to research to choose services according to your need.

Know your accuracy options

ASR seems to be the perfect option for your transcription need. It is fast and affordable. While ASR software can transcribe MP3 file in seconds, you don’t have to spend time in proofreading to check for the wrong words or homophones.  On the other hand human transcriber can determine the right word or spelling on context. 80% accuracy is best case figure for transcription. Poor audio quality, noise, multiple speaker can reduce this figure. While human transcribers are much costly but they provide you better standard of accuracy and versatility.

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