Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Top Benefits of Installing Boltless Racking System on Your Storage 

When choosing racks for your storage space, you wonder the type of racks you should install over your space. Sometimes you just need a simple rack that stores simple and lightweight goods. Other times you need a strong and durable rack that can hold the weight of your products. 

That’s why it’s critical to be careful when choosing a specific rack. 

However, no matter the type of goods you want to store, the boltless racking system will sort you out. They are designed to serve all storage needs—both large and small storage needs. 

This article shares with you the top benefits of installing a boltless racking system on your storage space. 

  • Customizable 

One thing you will love about Boltless Rack Malaysia is its customizable shelves. Boltless racks are can be set to your desired measurements. When you use them in your warehouse, store or any other premise, you can easily set them as you would wish to. 

The racks can be adjusted to different heights or volumes. You can also install as many as you would want to have in your entire space. And depending on your needs, you can structure the shelves differently. You can have some racks bigger than others. This is because you don’t need to keep them into a standard size. 

In short, boltless racks will be perfect to fit on your space and store any nature of your goods—you can easily customize them to suit your needs. 

  • Durability 

Most of the boltless racks are made up of strong materials that guarantee durability. If you buy from a reliable dealer such as Eonmetall Group Berhad, you’ll get quality racks. In most cases, you’ll find 14-gauge steel that offers amazing support for your racking or shelving system. 

With this strength, the racking system can handle and store much weight. And the best of it all is that you don’t have to keep on going back to the market time overtime to repair or buy other racks. 

So, if you’re still not sure what type of racking system to install over your storage space, then there is no other better racking system. 

To make them better boltless racks allow adding center supports that increase the amount of weight they can handle. And with the support, you can customize them to handle as much weight as possible. 

  • Easy To Assemble 

You don’t need a specialist to help you assemble the racks after buying them. If you have the time and confidence enough, you can get the job done. The racks come with an easy to install instructions. And the only thing that you will need to assemble them is a mallet. 

The process is quick and easy. Even without prior experience, you can easily get the job done. When installing the rack units, you can adjust them to the height you need as part of their customization. 

Parting Shot 

With the boltless racking systems, you’ll have the best storage spaces for your premises, storage or warehouse. They are easy to assemble, durable, and customizable. 


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