What Amount Of Money Can I Recover From A Car Accident?

Car accidents are traumatic and unforeseeable events. To restore your mental and physical health and recover vehicular damage, you need financial compensation from the other driver. You have the right to seek reimbursement for your losses. 

Auto accident lawyers help determine the negligence of each driver in the accident and provide necessary legal advice for you to take the correct course of action. A Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer can help you understand your legal situation with a free consultation and negotiate your settlement until you receive the rightful amount. 

Calculation of total losses. 

Several factors help auto accident attorneys to estimate your total damages. They investigate and collect evidence admissible in the court of law to prove your claim. They also collect details of the accident to show that the victim was not negligent and followed necessary driving regulations. In cases you were partially responsible for the accident, your settlement claim is deducted by a certain amount. 

  1. Medical expenses are inclusive of any diagnostic tests, treatments, and additional recovery methods. Medical reports recording these are utilized as evidence. 
  2. After receiving treatment, it is necessary to rest to heal properly. This might prevent you from working, and the income you and your family rely on will be affected. Attorneys include lost wages in your settlement to prevent your quality of life from degrading. 
  3. Your vehicle might have severe damage, which makes it unfit to drive. Your attorney takes repair estimates from reparation services in order to add them to your losses. 
  4. The financial strain is accompanied by mental distress, frustration, and anguish. Auto accident attorneys can help prove the psychological trauma you incurred and get you compensated for that. 


Often, insurance companies try to downplay the real value of the damage you suffered to minimize the amount of the claim. If a lawyer does not assist you, they might try to refuse your claim entirely by holding you accountable for the accident and stating your injuries were due to pre-existing conditions. An auto accident lawyer has experience in dealing with these companies and is aware of the compensation laws. This enables them to negotiate with them directly and help you get the highest value of compensation. 

Insurance companies might refuse to reduce their profit to compensate you. Auto accident lawyers use their expertise and represent you in court to prove the damages for which they are liable. The court issued an order favorable to your situation and reduced your anxiety.