Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

What makes an excellent logo design?

Every developer will offer you a slightly different meaning of what makes a terrific logo, yet generally, you can boil it to the three fundamental logo design concepts.

These three requirements come in the type of questions that we can ask ourselves when creating logo designs.

Now, let’s discuss each of those concepts soon to comprehend what they truly mean.

  • Is it suitable?

Appropriate means that the online logo design [desain logo online, which is the term in Indonesian] matters in concept and form to the customer as well as its sector.

As an example: If you’re creating for a style brand name, after that the logo design needs to be stylish, but if you’re creating for a sporting activities brand, then the logo design possibly requires to be strong as well as dynamic.

  • Is it easy?

Simple methods that a logo needs to be concentrated on a solitary tale and in most cases, it should be uncomplicated in kind.

A logo needs to be basic so it can work flexibly and effectively in a vast array of dimensions as well as media, e.g., in small size on a business card, and in bigger dimensions such as a sign.

  • Is it memorable?

Unforgettable ways that while the form should be easy, it has to also be distinct sufficient to be conveniently born in mind. Naturally, the simpler the type is, the less special it tends to end up being, so the difficulty is to keep it basic while making it unique enough so it can be remembered.

Ok, so without further ado, let’s leap right into the first step of a logo style process which is the discovery stage.


  • Learn more about the client’s service.

Every developer will have a somewhat different type of strategy, but many would absolutely concur that running an exploration stage as well as creating some sort of a brand method is an absolute must.

Also, this is due to the fact that logo style is not art, so we shouldn’t just start developing logo design ideas out of thin air relying purely on our feeling of aesthetics.

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