Singapore Company Formation

The company formation in Singapore is too cooperating in establishing the International business, they have the enticing tax efficient structure. If you are not from the country and seeking the opportunities to begin the extension of the business in Singapore, it is recommended to follow the basic rules and regulations to get the employment Pass in Singapore

There are certain rules you need to be abide by to get the employment pass in Singapore. 

  • You should possess a job offer in Singapore.
  • You should be earning at least $3600 on monthly basis and this gets higher if you are older and more experienced in your field.
  • It is essential for you to work in any executive, managerial or specialised job.
  • You should meet the minimal qualifications such as degree from reputed university or any specialized skills or professional qualifications. 

Everybody who are eligible of above mentioned rules are applicable to apply for the employment pass irrespective of the nationality.

Singapore Company Formation are quite relaxing, even if you want to incorporate the business from overseas this can work without the relocation visa. But in addition to that, if you are operating your business in Singapore from distance you will be needed to nominate the Manager Director for the operations in the country. The nominated individual must be a Singapore citizen or should hold the permanent residence of Singapore. Or if the individual holds the work permit of Singapore is the perfect candidate for your job.

If you are going to work as an overseas employer in Singapore, then there are some additional rules to follow to get the employment pass.

  • You would need to contact Singapore registered company which can act as a local sponsor and help you apply for the same on your behalf.
  • The local sponsor have to submit the applied application.

Employment Pass or EP is the pass which are for the skilled workers and company owners. It is valid for 2 years only. After getting the EP, you could apply for application of Dependant pass for your family members. It will allow them to live, study and work in Singapore. 

Setting up the business on International level is a hectic work, therefore, it is preferred to hire the professional services Company for help. Get the proper assistance on the business formation in Singapore, work permit, income taxes and more.

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