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Sell your gold Online

By William Robson Jan 28, 2020

The price of gold has risen by 30% in the last 12 months and by an incredible 433% in the last decade. This growth has seen a lot of people scrambling to get their hands on gold in any form jewellery to ingots. The performance of gold has also opened up opportunities for gold buyers. There are cash for gold businesses opening up everywhere and they all promise the “best price” for unwanted gold.

You may have gold jewellery that’s just sitting around, maybe even gold bars or coins you inherited or received as a gift; you may even have some gold dental work. You can sell these gold items at Brisbane gold brokers.

Over the past three years the price of gold has rallied in response to the growing political and economic risks and uncertainty. Inflation has also played a significant role. People still regard gold as a safe haven investment in times of turmoil. 

There are quality Brisbane gold brokers who have been in business for a while. Many of them do more than just buy gold, but they are a veritable source of information on gold. When considering a cash-for-gold Brisbane buyer, choose one that is open enough about how they do business. Do your research and ask as many questions as you need to. Some buyers can be pushy but you should never give in to pressure especially if you have doubts or you have questions that have not been answered. 

The internet has made selling gold even easier and many gold dealers offer an online gold selling service. So, how do you go about selling your gold online?

There are online buyers who will buy gold in any form. To find one, you simply have to do a Google search. You will find many online buyer websites as well as online guides on how to sell gold. There are also reviews on various dealers and consumer reports that will help you as you do research on the best dealer to sell your gold to.

You have to send your gold by courier mail. Most online dealers will pay for this and also offer insurance that covers you in case things go wrong and your gold gets lost in the mail. Once the dealer receives your gold, they will weigh, test it and then give you an appraisal price for it. If you accept, you will be paid immediately via bank transfer, Paypal or by check.

The process of selling gold online is not that different to the one of selling gold to a physical brick-and-mortar dealer. You can weigh and verify the karats of your own gold yourself and use one of the many online calculators to get a sense of what your gold is worth. 

Should you wait for the price to go up before you sell or should you just sell now? The answer to that question depends on why you would want to sell. If you need cash, now is the right time. If you are an investor looking for the best return, you can get for your gold then you could wait for the price to go up.

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