Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Hiring a Foreign Worker: Why a Company Needs a Dallas Business Immigration Lawyer

The best immigration attorneys in Dallas assist employers in hiring skilled and highly educated foreign national workers. They usually use an H-1B temporary work visa as part of a comprehensive process that leads to permanent legal residency for foreign nationals. Those who can apply for this visa include companies in the fields of technology, finance, marketing, engineering, architecture, and medicine. Keep reading to learn more about this type of H-1B Visa:

Classification of H-1B Visa

This nonimmigrant work visa lets foreign nationals enter the United States to work in positions that require a U. S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Every applicant must possess these qualifications and have a U. S. employer as their sponsor to pay the prevailing wage for the work. An experienced Dallas Business Immigration Attorney represents employers in H-1B visa petitions, they will file the required labor condition application with the Department of Labor and form I-129W along with all supporting documentation with USCIS. 

The Importance of Working with a Law Firm

Once an agreement is agreed by both an employer and a professional regarding employment, the latter already has an investment to protect. The company can minimize the risk of error or omission in the application if they choose to work with a law firm that has extensive experience with H-1B visas. Errors and omissions can delay the application or get it denied. The best business immigration lawyer has a high rate of success in this type of visa application. 

The United States government has taken a restrictive positioning protecting the employment opportunities of American employees. This is the reason the application process to request a visa for a foreign worker can be complex. Also, the visa application is a complex process. First, it will still be decided if the visa applies in one’s case. Then, it must be proven that the possible employee can and should be working for the company. Any company that wants to hire a foreign employee should contact an immigration attorney to learn more about the process. Moreover, the lawyer can provide the latest in immigration case management technology that makes the application process accessible to companies that need immediate, current information about H-1B visas.

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