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The Other Driver Refuses to Share Insurance Information after a Car Accident: What you Should Do

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After a car accident, the situation can be quite tense. The drivers may become hostile or refuse to share their insurance information. Getting insurance information is an important step in filing a car accident claim. But, if the other driver refuses to share insurance information, you should not panic. Despite such refusal, you may still get the information you need, especially if you have Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers on your side. Here are some steps to take to deal with your situation:

Call the Police

After a car accident, you must call the police so they will come to the accident scene and document the situation. They will write up a report that describes the accident and how it took place. The police report will contain information like when and where the accident took place, the contact information of all parties involved, the conditions of the road when the accident happened, and the possible factors that may have contributed to the crash. The police report will be used by the insurance companies of both drivers to determine liability. Also, the police can get the insurance information you need if the other driver refuses to share it with you.

Call Your Insurance Company

After you get the insurance information of the other driver, you can start with the claims process. First, you must report the accident to your insurance company. The company will ask you for the information of the other driver’s insurance and will contact the other company to determine who is at fault. 

Take Into Account Your Legal Options

The insurance company of the other driver may not provide a fair settlement immediately if you have sustained injuries from the accident caused by that driver. You can discuss your options with an attorney if you want to hold that driver financially accountable for causing your injuries. By having legal representation, you improve your chances of getting a fair settlement from the other driver’s insurance company. The company knows that the case may end up in court if they refuse to make a fair settlement offer. 

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