Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Dealing with insurance companies: Call a car accident lawyer

If you are expecting a fair settlement from an insurance company after suffering injuries in a car accident, you might feel astonished at their apathy. Let’s get real – Insurance companies are not charitable organizations. Yes, they are required to hand out settlements, but they often tend to deny and delay claims. With incredible experience and vast legal resources at disposal, insurance companies do their best to avoid paying huge amounts, or often try to blame the victim for the accident. These are some real reasons why you need a car accident lawyer Grand Junction to deal with insurance companies. 

Filing the claim

In Colorado, the statute of limitations allows the victim to file a personal injury lawsuit within three years, from the date of accident, but for insurance claims, there is no such limit. Ideally, the insurance company of the party at fault should be informed within a reasonable time. you need an attorney, who can take things ahead and ensure that you have the time to rest, while they complete the paperwork. 


Your car accident lawyer will ensure that all the due process for negotiation is done, so that matters can be settled amicably. While they know they deserve a certain amount in compensation, they will also do their best to push for better. As needed, your attorney will take the call as when to agree to a settlement. 

Dealing with other things

Insurance companies often have a tendency to shift blame, or deny/delay claims owing to stupid reasons. Without an attorney by your side, you might have to deal with everything on your own, and in many cases, this may mean accepting whatever you have been offered, because you don’t know how to get ahead. Your car accident lawyer knows the process, how things shape up, and if needed, they may even go ahead with a lawsuit. 

Keep in mind that hiring an attorney is your call, but it is hard to ignore the overall experience that a reliable law firm brings to the table and how they can turn things in your favor. Check online for top car accident lawyers in GJ now!

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